The Haines City EDC was formed as a 501C-6 public / private not-for-profit organization. Since 2002 we have worked in a continual process of making Haines City more economically sound and have forged partnerships that help us meet the challenges. We know that challenges bring out the best in people.

We seek investment from diversity of sectors, including industry, communities, education, finance, agriculture, investment, government, and public interest groups.

Our members are representatives of numerous sectors. We are united by a sustainability practice via economy, environment and equity. We have been successful. The EDC has assisted in helping to locate the following projects to Haines City as well as assist our existing expanding companies.

MBM Distribution Center, Darden Direct, Jain Irrigation, Aldi Foods, Civix Mediplex, Adams Lumber Company, Detour Studio, Tibbits Lumber, elite Building Products, Parex USA, Haines City Enterprise Center, and Sofidel America Corp. f/k/a/Cellynne Corporation, a $50 million dollar local expansion

Additionally we have assisted with the development of four planned industrial and business parks. One site is 54.4 acres which will house several industries, within the park. All could be served be rail; the third, Haines City Commerce Park, a 34 acre park with purposed industrial speculative buildings for warehouse and distribution companies; and the fourth is a 10 acre site, the Haines City Enterprise Center / Feltrim Development, of which 33,000 sq.ft. will be office / warehouse and 40,000 sq.ft. additional office space. Many amenities are already in place for these parks and sites.

We have identified over 800 acres, of land suitable for future industrial and commercial growth. The EDC is involved with grants and incentives to assist with financing for our local partners that are designed too help with training programs for our existing and expanding companies. The EDC has expanded the board of directors and modernized the by-laws of the corporation. We have recognized and honored local supporters, city government, initial directors, city officials and area partners to establish goals and set priorities.