Haines City Emerging

Haines City is leading Central Florida in economic opportunities. 

How central are we?

Centrally located on the “ridge”, Haines City, the “heart” of Florida, is just off Interstate 4 on U.S. Highway 27, a short distance to the state’s major highways, railways, airports, and seaports. For any industry you bring to Haines City, logistics and distribution have never been easier.

  • Winter Haven, FL – 13 miles
  • Lakeland, FL – 24 miles
  • Orlando, FL – 38 miles
  • Tampa, FL – 61 miles
  • Jacksonville, FL – 178 miles
  • Miami, FL – 226 miles
  • Tallahassee, FL – 281 miles


Haines City is growing at an exponential rate. Do not miss out on the opportunity to become a part right now.

Cars on US Highway 27 through Haines City Daily

Rooftops Planned

A little about us and ways we can help...

Haines City Economic Development Council was established in 2002 and is a 501c6 public / private not-for-profit organization. It is the purpose of the EDC to assist business and industry in opening, moving to, or expanding in our area. We build relationships that will create opportunity and jobs for Haines City.

We seek investment from a variety of sectors, including industry, education, finance, agriculture, investment, government, and public interest groups.

Those sectors are represented in our membership and seek to bring growth to Haines City. We are united by a sustainability practice via economy, environment and equity. We have been successful and look forward to helping your company grow.

We have available land suitable for industrial and commercial growth and we are available to assist your company in their move to Haines City.

The EDC is a resource to guide businesses with regards to grants and incentives that potentially aid with financing local partners as well as programs that are designed to help with training existing and expanding companies.

The EDC has expanded the board of directors and modernized the by-laws of the corporation. We have recognized and honored local supporters, city government, initial directors, city officials and area partners to establish goals and set priorities. We look forward to assisting your business.

To achieve our objectives Haines City EDC will:

Promote diversity of the area’s economic base.

Have a positive impact on the local economy by attracting, retaining and expanding businesses in various fields.

Encourage enterprise development of minority and small business sector.

Provide strong advocacy and leadership by supporting economic issues that affect our area.

Work with local companies to provide assistance with expansion plans and business concerns.


Links to ways for our area businesses and residents to connect, gain information, and resources to build mutually-beneficial relationships:

Career Source Polk is a non-profit corporation that oversees the state and federal funds dedicated to preparing and upgrading a skilled workforce. We help thousands of businesses find employees and remain leaders within their industry.

Employ Florida Marketplace is an online job search engine.

  • Job seekers should register, upload or create a resume, and set up a Virtual Recruiter that will automatically job search using the job seekers specifications
  • Employers are able to post jobs and search for candidates that have the skills they are looking for. If employers also encourage all applicants to register in Employ Florida those job seekers will have the opportunity to find other postings if the position with the employer is not a good fit.
  • Placements will be counted when both the job is posted and the applicant is registered in Employ Florida.


The Polk County Public School system has twice been awarded the American School Board Journal’s Magna Award for efforts to improve educational programs and provide access to digital learning tools. In addition to traditional elementary and secondary programs, the Polk County School system offers quality educational opportunities in a variety of capacities from Magnet and Charter offerings to STEM and IB programs.

Polk County has a variety of options of post-secondary options available to the its graduates. One such option is Polk State College, which is a multi-campus institution serving over 20,000 students with Bachelor of Arts and Science degrees, as well as a wide range of certificate and workforce training options.

However, the opportunity to further one’s education does not stop there. In total, Polk County has 6 traditional colleges/universities. These institutions enrolled nearly 20,000 students during the Fall 2015 semester and conferred over 4,000 degrees during the 2014–2015 academic year, offering more great reasons to choose Haines City.

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