143 + Acres Lake Hamilton Lakefront Development

  • Address: Haines City 
  • Acreage: 143 

Current Land Use: • The Regional Mixed Use (RMU) land use designation contained in the City of Haines City CityView Selected Area Plan allow residential development at a density of 15 units per acre. However, because the intent of the land use category is to provide for a mixture of uses, there is a restriction that a maximum of 40% of the site can be used for residential purposes. • Upon annexation up to 37.2 acres (of the estimated 93 acres of uplands) would immediately be available for residential use, pursuant to the provisions of the Joint Planning Agreement as outlined in the report. A Planned Unit Development (PUD) would be required to obtain zoning approval, which takes about three to four months. • If a potential developer wished to use the entire site for residential uses, then a comprehensive Plan Amendment would be needed to change the Future Land Use designation from RMU to a residential land use (such as Low, Medium, or High-Density Residential) for the remainder of the site not already approved for residential. An amendment would be favorably received, based on discussions with Haines City staff (who envision residential being the primary use on this property). Additionally, a land use change from a mixed Commercial/Office/Residential to a residential use would be considered a decrease in density/ intensity, and would more favorably be considered by the reviewing agencies.