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Cost Efficiency

Leveraging rail transport for the movement of goods significantly enhances cost-effectiveness compared to road transport options, particularly for large volumes and long-distance journeys. This efficiency is rooted in rail's ability to transport the equivalent freight of 300 trucks in a single journey, requiring less energy per ton-mile, thus offering a substantial edge in cost efficiency. Although rail transport may present higher initial costs, the long-term savings are considerable, making it an economically advantageous solution for businesses focused on optimizing logistics expenses while maximizing cargo volume and distance efficiency. Explore the economic benefits of rail systems.

Environmental Sustainability

The rail industry's commitment to sustainability is evident through its lower carbon footprint and use of recyclable materials, making it a greener alternative to road transport. The push towards zero-emission power sources and the optimization of the rail network highlights the industry's proactive approach to not only meeting but exceeding global environmental standards, setting a new benchmark for sustainable logistics. The rail transport industries climate commitment reduces the environmental impact of freight movement, supporting businesses in achieving their sustainability goals. Learn about innovations and climate commitments in US rail.


Capacity and Scalability

Railways offer unparalleled capacity and scalability for freight transport, capable of handling large volumes of goods in a single trip. This capacity not only allows for greater efficiency in goods movement but also supports business growth by accommodating fluctuating shipment sizes and facilitating market access. Discover the power of rail-served industry.

Reliability and Safety

Rail transport's reliability and safety are enhanced by technological advancements and strict regulatory standards. The industry's focus on safety, including the development of tools like the AskRail app, ensures the secure and timely delivery of goods, minimizing the risk of accidents and facilitating efficient response in emergencies. Read about the safety and efficiency of rail transport.

Energy Efficiency

Rail is one of the most fuel-efficient methods of transporting goods over land, capable of moving one ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel. This efficiency significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible logistics operation. Engage with rail's role in sustainable transport.

For more details on the benefits of rail shipping, visit GoRail's Rail 101 page.


“By serving Haines City, CSX is offering the most efficient, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly method for shipping goods long distances over land”
~Aubrey Brown, Senior Manager of Industrial Development for CSX 

Industrial Rail - Haines City EDC Partners

Rail Advocacy Group

GoRail, since its inception in 2004, has been a fervent proponent of the principle that effective communication with legislators is most impactful when it comes directly from their constituents. By mobilizing a nationwide network of community leaders, GoRail diligently works to showcase the myriad local advantages of freight rail, which include bolstering economies, augmenting employment, and fostering environmental stewardship. Distinctively, freight railroads autonomously fund their infrastructural enhancements, annually contributing approximately $25 billion. This independence not only propels American industries to the forefront of global competitiveness but also fortifies a rail network that is essential for the nation’s economy, contributing to pollution reduction, alleviating road congestion, and conserving taxpayer funds. Through its robust coalition of advocates and community leaders, such as the Haines City EDC, GoRail plays an instrumental role in ensuring that freight rail investments and policy decisions resonate with tangible benefits at the community level, thereby informing and influencing congressional discourse.



CSX Corporation
Industrial Freight Transporter

CSX is a colossus within the logistics and transportation realm, pushing the envelope in shipping services that transcend mere rail connectivity. Even for entities not directly sited along its tracks, CSX offers unparalleled logistical prowess. Boasting an expansive network that stretches over 20,000 miles of rail and grants access to 70 pivotal ports, CSX is a beacon of efficiency and connectivity. This infrastructure is further enhanced by nationwide transloading and distribution capabilities, making CSX a comprehensive logistics ally for businesses striving to achieve logistical excellence. Through its investment in an extensive and cohesive network, CSX is steadfast in its mission to streamline the conveyance of goods, thereby enabling businesses across various industries to unlock new market opportunities and catalyze economic advancement. CSX stands as a pivotal force, guiding businesses through the intricate landscape of modern logistics with a focus on expediency, efficacy, and eco-sustainability.


CSX connected Haines City Industrial Park

Situated in the logistical heart of Florida, the Haines City Industrial Park offers direct CSX rail linkages, making it a coveted spot among industrial parks in Florida. This park, strategically located on the I-4/Highway 27 Corridor between Orlando and Tampa, provides businesses with unparalleled access to a broad market and the efficiency of CSX's extensive rail network. The Haines City Industrial Park is an ideal choice for companies looking to maximize their logistical capabilities. The Haines City location is primed for those searching for CSX property for sale from trusted local real estate brokers. This setup ensures businesses can tap into a vast distribution network, enhancing their operational efficiency and market expansion potential.

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